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"Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect."

Element 1:
Drill and Repetition

This element isn't as bad as it sounds. Whatever you do repetitively can be directed towards a goal, becoming part of Element 1.

Element 2: Noodling

This is Element 1's creative side. Combine your little drills in unique ways to gain insight from them.

Element 3:
Content Acquisition

This is the "learning the notes" stage of things. Reading, memorizing, and conventional studying all fall into this element.

Element 4:
Analysis and Internalization

Combine Elements 1, 2, and 3. Add a dash of dreaming, and you have Element 4.

Element 5: Creativity

Innovation and Invention

This is the kind of creativity that adds to a discipline and changes society in the process. An example might be the invention of the cellular telephone.

Imaginative creativity

Imaginative creativity applies a well-learned discipline to the practice of another discipline. The most common example would b writing a science fiction story to improve your understanding of, say, genetics.

Direct creativity

Direct creativity applies specifically to the discipline you're pursuing. Writing a symphony would be a sample of direct creativity in music.