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Anne Prather

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"Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect."

Malcolm Gladwell popularized the idea that you have to spend 10,000 hours on a skill in order to master it. But unless you spend the 10,000 hours effectively, mastery will elude you.

If you like a discipline, you will practice it. If you practice a discipline, you will like it. Liking something and practicing that thing are inseparable.

Anne Prather

Perfect Practice Courses

Statistics for Modern Humans

Think statistics are boring? Come play games with us! Let us show you the wonder of the null hypothesis, the beauty of the Markov chain and the delights of chance. Learn to debunk the data you see in the news. College math recommended. No placement test required.

The New Enterprise Age

It has never been easier to find and reach a market. Learn from those who've succeeded how to make it work. This is the first course in a six-quarter series. Whether you want to own a business or work for one, you'll enjoy these stimulating courses.

Science for Art and Design

Using the scientific method, students explore the physical and biological basis of design principles and color theory. Each student designs and presents a proposed experiment that tests an aspect of design s/he finds interesting.