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Anne Prather

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"Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect."

Perfect Practice isn't just another good idea to add to the stack of good ideas. It's a way to organize all the good ideas into a straightforward, easy-to-understand system.

Give a woman a great idea and you help her for a day. Teach her to generate her own ideas and you help her for a lifetime. Teach her to organize her ideas and she will change the world.

–Anne Prather

Highlights of Perfect Practice

Perfect Practice is transcendental

Perfect Practice allows the student to transfer skills learned while pursuing one course of study to the next one very easily.

Perfect Practice is personal.

Each practitioner carries out the components of Perfect Practice in a unique way, suited to his or her personal style and the particulars of the practice s/he is engaged in.

Perfect practice is rigorous.

Ask the engineers and architects who designed and built these buildings and they'll tell you about the hours they spent working problems, practicing math, and repeating or refining designs. This is the rigor of Perfect Practice.